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A Directory of Original RPGs

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imadethisrpg is a community for creators of original online RPGs to advertise their game to a specific audience - roleplayers who are tired of seeing a hundred variations of the same thing from pop culture.

If your game was based on a TV show, movie, book or existing RPG worlds, it does not belong here. If your game invite characters based on existing fandoms or real life celebrities, this is place not for you either. There are many, many other communities where you can plug that.

I created this community because I am interested in seeing original RPGs without sifting through dozens of promos and ads for games based on someone else's creation. Perhaps I'll finally find a game to join. Perhaps you will.


1. This is a directory/promo community for ORIGINAL RPGs that will play host to ORIGINAL characters only.

2. You are allowed one post per game. Do keep the information on this post up-to-date and appropriately tagged, as potential players will be searching for it via tags.

3. There is no need to come back and spam every week. This community does not get enough new watchers per week for that to serve any purpose... other than annoying the Mod.

4. If you're the one posting, we assume that you are the one of the people in-charge. Please make yourself available to answer any relevant queries that may come in via comments to your post. If you're NOT an official representative of the game, I advise that you check with them before listing their game here.

5. I do not like people who crosspost without observing rules and guidelines for individual communities. I will only give your submission as much attention as you give my rules.

6. If you are asked to fix anything in your entry, please do it. If this is not corrected within 24 hours or the next time I remember to check, I will simply delete your post.

7. I do not care if you join to post and leave immediately, as long as you observe the rules of this community. Since you don't care what happens to your post or this community after you've plugged here, then you shouldn't care if I delete it because it doesn't adhere to some new rule I could not update you about.

8. All submissions will be moderated. Please allow a couple of days for me to process it. (Hint: The easier it is for me to verify that your game is original and only welcome original characters, the faster you'll get cleared off the list.)

9. I reserve the right to update, review and amend these rules when necessary.

Posting Guidelines

1. One game per post. The name of your game goes into the Subject.

2. Tag your entry. Refer to the Tagging System below.

3. Do not change the font properties for the fields or include graphics outside the lj-cut. You may do both under Game Details inside the cut.

4. Please make some attempt at spelling and grammar.

5. When posting, use HTML and not Rich Text.

Posting form:

Tagging System

The Category List is here. You can also reach it on the main page's menu bar.

This is how our tag system works:

! tag - important posts/notices from the mod

genre: tag - indicates the genre(s) of the RPG. There can be more than one genre.

format: tag - indicates the main format for the game. Only the main format will be listed.

Tag your post with the Genre from the Category List. If your RPG has more than one, tag with all necessary genres. If a category does not exist for your genre, file it under "genre: new!" A Mod will create an appropriate tag and re-tag it for you.

You're only allowed one tag for Format. Tag it for the main format (what platform it'll be mostly played on) of your game, If it doesn't exist, file it under "format: new!"

You can view more than two tag categories at once by separating the tags with a comma:


Replace tag1 and tag2 with the categories you want.


How many times can I post here about my RPG?
Once. If you run more than one RPG, you can post once for each. This community is more of a directory than a promo community. For this reason, it is good to keep your post updated.

I just updated my entry. How will people know if I can't make a new post?
Since this is a directory, potential players will go through the entries themselves when they are looking for a game to join. This is why you need to keep your entry updated. Every few months, I will remind you to update and give you the option to repost.

How do I find a game?
Use the tags. The posts are tagged according to format and genre. See Tagging System to learn how to search by tags. You can also friend or syndicate this community for the newest games.

You approved a game that is based on a fandom!
Well, I can't claim to know every fandom out there. If you spot something that I shouldn't have let through, please let me know at imadethisrpg[AT]gmail.com.

Where do I send my suggestions for this community?
I welcome suggestions on how this community can serve you better. You can email me at imadethisrpg[AT]gmail.com.

Can I help you promote this community?
Of course! I only ask that you observe the ad/promo policy of the site/community where you plan on promoting us. You can also link back to us on your community or character's userinfo.


This Yahoo group shares our objective in being a place to find and promote original RPGs.

The Character Search Engine
A place for roleplayers and RPG owners to post requests for characters needed in an RPG. Any style, genre, and rating of RPGs are accepted.

If you wish to be affiliated with us, please contact us at imadethisrpg[AT]gmail.com


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