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The Shift - Modern Fantasy Fun!

Last Updated: July 26th, 2013
Name: The Shift
Genre: Modern Fantasy
Format: Forum
Website: The Shift
Contact: The cbox on site or leave questions/concerns in the guest forum.
Minimum Age: 18+
Status: Ongoing

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Last Updated: April 15th: moved to Jcink
Name: Deathstown
Genre: Original cyberpunk/horror with heavy elements of steampunk and urban supernatural.
Format: Invisionfree forums
Website: http://deathstown.b1.jcink.com/index.php?
Contact: The cbox is a good way, as is PMing any of the mods, but you can also contact me via LJ Messages on this account.
Minimum Age: 13 as per TOS. We are a mature site, however, so any applicants under the age of 17 will be scrutinized more carefully.
Status: We opened in December and welcome all comers! There is no hard deadline for applications.

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Last Updated: First Post, September 5, 2012
Name: Elementi Online
Genre: Modern Fantasy
Format: Forum
Website: http://elementi-rp.proboards.com
Contact: yeonah, elementi.staff@gmail.com, or the forum's Cbox
Minimum Age: 14
Status: Just opened and accepting

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Date Last Posted: First time at this comm
Format: LJ
Genre: History, fantasy, steampunk
Name: Kostantiniyye
Contact: rachel2205, email rachel2205@livejournal.com or PM me
Website: kostantiniyye; loads of info at konstantooc
Minimum Age Requirement: 18
Deadline: none at the moment - the game is quite new
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Young Heroes - Original Teen Superhero RPG

Last Updated: First Post, March 23, 2012
Name: Young Heroes
Genre: Superhero, Sci Fi
Format: Forum
Website: http://youngxheroes.proboards.com
Contact: o_mighty_wife_of_shinigami at yahoo dot come
Minimum Age: 13 years
Status: Just started, always welcoming new members and characters

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The Shift RPG

Last Updated: Jan 2012 - updating links
Name: The Shift RPG
Genre: Modern Fantasy Horror
Format: Forum
Website: Link
Contact: The chatbox on the site or leave questions/comments/concerns in the guest forum.
Minimum Age: 18+ please (adult content)
Status: Ongoing

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Haven Experiments

Last Updated: 8/16/11 at 9:O2 pm central
Name: Haven Experiments
Genre: Supernatural/modern, possibly fantasy.
Format: Full featured Forum
Website: http://www.wtfrpg.com/forum/showthread.php?155-The-Haven-experiments-(Needs-more-active-members!)
Contact: emberwest via pm or at moxiegirl14@yahoo.com
Minimum Age: 18(The youngest player age accepted)
Status: Open and accepting 9 more players.(When does it start? When do apps close?)

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Weekend Warriors

Last Updated: July 31, 2011
Name: Weekend Warriors
Genre: Modern Fantasy
Format: Forum
Website: http://weekenders.b1.jcink.com
Contact: There's a chat box on the forum
Minimum Age: 17 +
Status: Open and always accepting applications

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The Divine Spark

Last Updated: September 1, 2011
Name: The Divine Spark
Genre: Horror/historical
Format: forum
Website: http://z7.invisionfree.com/divinespark
Contact: E-mail (the.spark.divine @ gmail.com) or AIM (trust in godard)
Minimum Age: 13
Status: Open and accepting new members, now and always!

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